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Greater Hartford Combined Federal Campaign

CAN Charity Code: 63629

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Thank very much, Supporters

Relay Connecticut for sponsoring the CAN brochure 2012


Mary Mester for HP Printer, several books about ASL and Deaf culture.

Sue Pedersen for donating two file cabinets.

Patti Wilson for ASL/Deaf Culture books, Deaf Life magazines, and videotapes.

Partnership Award 2009
Independence Unlimited, Inc

Please send your stories, comments and suggestions to the CAN staff to share here. We will post it here with your permission. Please visit at the Donate Page.

ASL LEARN - Noncredit classes
Open Enrollment

WHEN: CHOOSE Tuesdays or Thursdays
Starting First Class on
March 18th or 20th, 2014
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The Mark Twain Room
151 New Park Ave
Hartford, CT

CAN has offered American Sign Language noncredit classes for a first time! These classes will open to the adults starting on March 18th or March 20th at the Mark Twain Room, 151 New Park Ave, Hartford, CT from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

These classes will be open to all the adults and will continue for 10 weeks. The classes are available on either of Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Have you always wanted to learn Basic American Sign Language (ASL) phrases and conversational skills? Yes, you will have an opportunity to learn and improve your ASL skills to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people.American Sign Language Phrase Book with DVD by Lou Fant & Barbara Bernstein Fant

The phrase book, "American Sign Language Phrase Book" by Lou Fant and Barbara Bernstein Fant will help you learn easily the beautiful language along the DVD.

Each 10 week session per Tuesdays or Thursday will cost $180.00 per person to register through the form or to call at the number: 860.566.9489 or Email: Patti Wilson.

Deadline Date Extended: March 17, 2014.

First class will begin on Tuesday, March 18 or Thursday, March 20 and will continue until the end of the session on Tuesday, May 20 or Thursday, May 22.

Please download attached form. Or pay online at the link: click on the Donate button and type $180 on the amount box. Be sure to notify us that you pay online and we will handle the registration form.

CAN welcomes Deaf Senior Citizens at least age of 60 or older for service

Please inquire at the office for an application to receive service as qualifications for caretakers or families as follows:

* Inability to perform two (2) of six (6) Activities of Daily Living (ADL) - eating, dressing, toileting, bathing, transferring (walking) or continence

* Alzheimer's Disease

* Dementia

* Parkinson's disease

For information, please contact the CAN office.

CAN Regular Office Hours

CAN office hours has been extended at 151 New Park Ave, 15D, Hartford, CT 06106 as follows:

Office New Hours
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9 AM to 4 PM

By Appointments
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 AM to 2 PM

For other days and times, please contact the office for an appointment:

CAN VP or PH: 800.805.6085


(Hearing people are welcome to contact at the above number.)

For information about the CAN, please read attached CAN Brochure as updated in version: August 2012. PDF or WORD

Please stop by and visit. You are welcome to share your concerns and comments at the office.

If you are interested to work or volunteer in the office, please inform the office.

For anyone who wants to subscribe Newsletter, please don't forget to sign up your name for the mailing list.

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JOB Opening Ongoing Now:

Support Service Provider (SSP)

A support service provider is trained to act as a link between persons who are deaf-blind and their environment. Two major duties of SSP are 1) act as a guide and communication facilitator.

SSP Guideline as attached via PDF

For SSP application, please find attached application. WORD or PDF

If interested, please mail your cover letter to explain why you are interested and your resume to the CAN at email:

Consumer Support Provider (CSP)

A consumer support provider is able to work in the area of case management including life skills, ASL translation, and consumer advocacy.

If interested, please mail your cover letter to explain why you are interested and your resume to the CAN at email:

For any inquiry or information, please contact .