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  • "Why is sign PTASL?" by Jelica Nuccio - DBI
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  • Women of Africa: Deaf-Blind Lawyer on Typing to Obama
  • TDI World Volume 46, Issue 4, 2015, Page 30

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  • Ryan Bondroff's announcement from AADB
  • Ryan Bondroff

    I am Deaf-Blind. I have Usher Syndrome Type 1.

    I am very pleased and excited to announce the launch of a new task force titled as National Support Service Provider Task Force (NSSPTF).

    I made this important decision based on ongoing debates and discussions which is way long overdue for much needed action plan and solutions.

    The task force should consist of Deaf-Blind services agency professionals and Deaf-Blind community members.

    We will also work very closely with American Association of the Deaf-Blind and DeafBlind Citizens in Action.

    The task force will focus on short and long term goals. They are:

    A new term preferred by Deaf-Blind individuals and sub terms for various funding sources for services to Deaf-Blind individuals.

    Creation of a new certification board

    Creation of new national program

    Work closely with Department of Justice, AADB and DeafBlind Citizens in Action to include services in ADA (recognized/defined)

    Those goals are fluid as we work on them as we move forward. There will be a lot to be gained. We will share information with the entire Deaf-Blind community. Those decisions may be made by Deaf-Blind members only of the task force in terms of empowerment.

    I am also pleased to announce that Randy Pope accepted the position of Public Relations coordinator to share this information throughout the Deaf-Blind social media.

    If you have questions or need more information or are interested to join the task force, please reach out to me via email at

    If you have feedback, suggestions or recommendations on new terms, evaluation and certification or any other issues related to SSP itself, please reach out to email me at Your name will be kept confidential. Only information related to SSP issues you share with me will be shared with the task force members.

    All the best, Ryan Bondroff

  • CT EBOLA ASL video from CT Department of Public Health - Click this